Camera Lens Tempered Glass Protector

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Model: iPhone 15 PRO MAX
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Camera Lens Tempered Glass Protector:

1️⃣ Hard and Durable: Engineered with a special manufacturing process, ensuring a hard and durable surface for reliable protection.

2️⃣ Bubble-Free Installation: Utilizes static technology to eliminate the bubble effect and firmly adhere to the camera lens for a seamless application.

3️⃣ Easy Removal: Can be easily removed without leaving any adhesive residue, allowing for hassle-free repositioning or replacement.

4️⃣ High Transparency: Maintains high transparency and clarity, preserving the quality of your camera lens for clear, crisp images.

5️⃣ Scratch Protection: Provides scratch protection to safeguard your camera lens from daily wear and tear, ensuring lasting durability.

Protect your camera lens with our Camera Lens Tempered Glass Protector for peace of mind and clarity in every shot! 📸✨


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Elody Rosenbaum

Very good product recommended to protect the entire camera frame

Ronny Paucek

Can be put under the case without problem!! As described

Mae Dibbert

I loved them is just what I expected I still don't put it in my cell phone lens but they are beautiful and bring their racks to clean before placing them.

Angelita Ratke

Product corresponds to the advertised. I was satisfied with the product. For the value worth the protection

Maximo Torphy

Perfect Fit

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