Starry Silicone Phone Case with Lens Film

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Color: Grey Purple
Model: iPhone 15 Pro Max
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Embrace the Celestial Beauty with Our Starry Silicone Phone Case! 🌌📱

  1. 🌠 Captivating Design: Revel in the enchanting starry pattern that adds a touch of celestial beauty to your phone.
  2. 🛡️ Lens Film Protection: Equipped with a lens film to shield your camera lens from unwanted scratches and damage.
  3. 💫 Premium Silicone Material: Crafted from high-quality silicone for durability and enhanced resistance to wear.
  4. 🎨 Vibrant Colors: The case boasts vibrant colors that complement the starry design, creating an eye-catching aesthetic.
  5. 📸 Full Camera Protection: Ensures comprehensive protection for your phone's camera, maintaining picture-perfect moments.
  6. 🚀 Easy Access: Precise cut-outs provide seamless access to all features, ports, and buttons for a user-friendly experience.

Transform your phone into a cosmic masterpiece with our Starry Silicone Phone Case! ✨🚀

Compatible with
Apple:  iPhone 
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One Package Weight 0.04kgs / 0.10lb
One Package Size 17cm * 8cm * 1.5cm / 6.69inch * 3.15inch * 0.59inch

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